About Clinol Chemicals LLC

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Who We Are?

We are Clinol Chemicals LLC U.S.A, the owner of Clinol and Instafresh hand sanitizing and surface cleaning wipe brands. Our company is based in U.S.A and we are focused on the supply of the highest quality sanitizing products for our customers worldwide. 
All of our products are manufactured in Turkey. We are able to realize direct bulk shipments from factory to your door. For all inquiries regarding our products feel free to reach us by phone or by sending an email at info@clinolchem.com. Our sales team will be pleased to contact you and listen to your needs. You are always welcome to request product samples in order to test our products. Alternatively you may use our contact page

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Our Production Partner

Clinol and Instafresh products’ main production location is Cosmo Chemicals Turkey. Established in Istanbul in 2000, Cosmo Chemicals is one of the leading chemical suppliers in Turkey for cosmetics and textile industries. Today, its capabilities continue to meet and exceed customer demands worldwide. 20 years of experience when combined with high tech equipments ensure versality and reliability needed, even for the toughest projects.

FDA Establishment No: 81388

EPA Establishment No: 99420-TUR-1

Web: www.cosmokimya.com/en/