Frequently Asked Questions

What does Clinol Chemicals LLC do?

Clinol Chemicals LLC is an American wholesale company focused on wet wipes. It aims to offer suitable products from a wide range of wet wipes at the best prices and delivery conditions to fulfill the needs of its customers.

What are the delivery terms offered by Clinol Chemicals

Delivery terms depend on the preferences of Clinol customers. You may either choose to manage logistics and customs operations by yourselves or let the Clinol Team to handle these and get prepared for goods acceptance at your warehouse/distribution center.

We need Private label products. Could Clinol supply these?

Yes! In addition to its own brands, Clinol has the ability to supply private label products for you. We are always in contact with auxiliary suppliers for packing materials and label design professionals.
Just tell us what you need and let Clinol offer a solution for you. You may find more details in our private label page.

What is Clinol's pricing policy?

Thanks to exclusive agreements with manufacturers, Clinol delivers its products directly from the manufacturing location to you. In this way, the products reach their buyers with minimum handling, storage and transportation costs. That's the very reason for Clinol's unmatched competitive prices.

Where is the production location of Clinol Products?

All of our products are manufactured in Turkey by suppliers experienced on chemicals and cosmetics. Ingredient and end product quality are under continous supervision to establish and maintain highest standards.