Private Label Options

If you need wipes with your own brand, Clinol is your reliable supplier for private label wipes. Choose one of our ready-to-use formulas or let us know your specific needs. Provide your package / label design or let our partners handle these steps for you. Take advantage of our well-established supply chain applications and just focus on your sales.

If your order quantity is big enough to fill at least a 20Dc container (10 x pallets), write us or call us and learn more about the endless product options Clinol can provide for you.


What are your package options?

You may choose either plastic canister, plastic buckets or packs for your wet wipes. Plastic lid or sticker sealed options are available for packs containing multiple wipes. In addition, you may choose individually packed wipes, also called sachets.

Benefits of plastic canister and bucket wet wipe packaging:

Plastic packaging outshine with their durability and chemical resistance. These packages ensure a rigid, protective shell around the wipe roll, and they are resistant to external impacts. Moreover, dependent on the formula, some wipes are required to be kept in chemical resistant packages. For instance, 75% alcohol wipes that are commonly used as antibacterial products, require either plastic canisters or special packs in order to avoid chemical damage to the package leading to leaks.

For plastic type packages adequate sealing is very important. This is ensured by precisely manufactured components such as the cap and lid. Cap and lid should be tight enough to prevent evaporation while being easy to open. Our canisters come pre-sealed from the factory to guarantee that our customers receive products with 100% of the liquid. With the first use, this seal is discarded and canister/ bucket lid continues to be a barrier to mitigate evaporation.

Regular canisters may get up to 200 wipes, while for larger numbers, a plastic bucket is more appropriate. Desired wipe count depends on the customer's needs which is generally related to intended use of the product. While domestic users prefer small canisters with less wipes, for areas where faster consumption is expected bigger buckets are the first choice. Those areas include hotels, restaurants, gyms etc.

private label canister.png

Benefits of packs as wet wipe packaging material:

Probably the most important feature of packs is their versatility. When ordering packs you may choose wipe counts as low as 20 up to numbers going over 100. In addition, wipe sizes are flexible to respond to your request. Small wipe counts are generally preferred for products where portability is a priority such as feminine wipes. On the other hand, higher wipe counts per package is demanded where cost effective solutions outweigh portability such as baby wipes or products aimed for domestic use.

The drawback of packs is they are susceptible to abrasive chemicals. Regular pack material is fabricated by lamination of 2 different layers and chemicals with solvent properties sneak through these layers. This phenomenon results in blisters and leaks even during storage period. In the case where a pack is the only option to be used with such chemicals, chemical resistant special pack materials come to play. The resulting product appears like regular pack but due to the use of resistant materials unit costs increase. For such cases, plastic canisters may be considered as an alternative.

You may order packs from Clinol with or without plastic lids. Plastic lids ensure a better seal to block evaporation and guarantees longevity of the product while for small packages it may not be necessary as the content of the package will be consumed sooner. 


Individually packet wet wipe pros:

Individually packed wet wipes are the best option when portability is expected to the highest level. They are generally presented in carton boxes of 16 or 32 counts that contain sachets with single wipes. This packaging option allows the user to carry a single wipe in a small purse or bag to use when needed and that's why it is highly demanded for feminine wipe consumers. In addition, it provides the highest level of hygiene in areas with risk of contamination such as restaurants and hospitals. Because it is served to consumers one by one, their contact with the box and other wipes is prevented.

The drawback of individually packed wipes is they are not cost effective. Their packaging process requires adequate equipment and highest labor force resulting in more expensive pricing.

private label sachet.png

For your private label inquiries you may contact us any time using our CONTACT page, by sending an email to or simply by calling us.

We will be more than pleased to provide further information and work with you to find the right product that will meet your needs.